Your company's deal will never be shown "To Whom It May Concern". Extensive operating, financial, and mergers & acquisitions experience gives us access to a worldwide network of contacts in professional and financial institutions that are always useful to the companies with whom we work.  Capital Markets Group, Inc.'s association with these financing and funding sources is based on a one-to-one relationship at an individual and personal level. The relationships we have with our clients is also very personal as they develop based on work tailored specifically to an individual client's unique requirements. These in-depth relationships insure that our client's need for confidentiality, specific solutions, and a timely closing is taken personally by Capital Markets Group, Inc. and is also respected by those financing sources with whom we work.



We have long standing professional experience and an excellent reputation for integrity, thoroughness and the ability to deliver beyond what we promise among those with whom we deal.


Our 30+ years of experience, worldwide access to institutional and strategic investors and lenders, and our adaptation of advances in analytical and communication technology {which greatly shortens the time period between analysis and funding}  provides our clients with the highest degree of confidence. Confidence that they have chosen the best alternative and negotiated the best terms available to achieve both their personal as well as their company's specific near-term and long-term objectives. 




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Capital Markets Group Inc. Private Equity Investment Bankers
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Capital Markets Group Inc

Private Equity Investment Bankers

For over 39 years, Owners & Boards-of-Directors partner with us to assist and advise them in the sale, recapitalization and generational transition of their privately-held/family-owned mid-cap size companies  . . . .since 1979

Fortune 500

Founded in 1979, Capital Markets Group's experience is extensive. Individual Project Manager's each have over 30-years of successful C-Level experience.

Concierge Service

Capital Markets Group Inc. pools the proficiencies of distinguished investment bankers and advisors while prioritizing flexibility and accessibility.


Putting the needs of our clients first, you'll find that our actions reflect a commitment to always doing the right thing.

Aligned Interest

Capital Markets Group Inc. favors compensation arrangements that align the firm's economic interest with that of it's clients.

98% Success Record in Selling & Recapitalizing

Protect what you have built

Capital Markets Group Inc. works hard to be a valuable partner to protect what has been built and insure your future rewards for your past efforts.

Because we are very selective and take only those assignments where, after our no-obligation 30-day preliminary analysis, success is clear, each project manager works only one deal at a time, and because we constantly work to gain a deep understanding and appreciation of the unique opportunities and challenges of each business, Capital Markets Group is able to support a 98%+ success record over its 39 years in business in selling or re-capitalizing our clients' companies.

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Senior Management Care & Consulting

Don't get "passed off" to a junior representative

Once a client is "signed up", some intermediaries pass off the client to less experienced personnel while the

experienced principals move on to attracting more new clients.  Capital Markets Group does not. The person you meet with before deciding to retain Capital Markets Group is an experienced principal and will be the same person who manages your account from start to closing.  Additionally, the principal responsible for your account manages your account, and only your account,  full-time.  This guarantees consistency, clear communications and top grade professional representation you can be proud of.

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Capital Markets Group Inc. Investment Bankers

in Dallas, Austin, and Denver since 1979

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