Your company's deal will never be shown "To Whom It May Concern". Extensive operating, financial, and mergers & acquisitions experience gives us access to a worldwide network of contacts in professional and financial institutions that are always useful to the companies with whom we work.  Capital Markets Group, Inc.'s association with these financing and funding sources is based on a one-to-one relationship at an individual and personal level. The relationships we have with our clients is also very personal as they develop based on work tailored specifically to an individual client's unique requirements. These in-depth relationships insure that our client's need for confidentiality, specific solutions, and a timely closing is taken personally by Capital Markets Group, Inc. and is also respected by those financing sources with whom we work.



We have long standing professional experience and an excellent reputation for integrity, thoroughness and the ability to deliver beyond what we promise among those with whom we deal.


Our 30+ years of experience, worldwide access to institutional and strategic investors and lenders, and our adaptation of advances in analytical and communication technology {which greatly shortens the time period between analysis and funding}  provides our clients with the highest degree of confidence. Confidence that they have chosen the best alternative and negotiated the best terms available to achieve both their personal as well as their company's specific near-term and long-term objectives. 




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The most important factor in any venture is the quality and integrity of the people who lead the company. Typically our clients are individual/family-owned businesses in which the founder/owner is also the day-to-day CEO and has significant operating experience as well as an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Additionally, since none of us get through life without making some mistakes, we prefer to work with those individuals who have the character, strength and resiliency to learn from their mistakes and leverage those experiences for later successes.



We prefer to work with companies that have the potential to reach total industry revenues of $100 million or more.

Products & Services

We look for companies in manufacturing, distribution, corporate and business services, technology {hardware/software/infrastructure}, and other similar industries and services. We do not work on oil/gas deals, startups, or real estate {unless the real estate is simply a supportive part of the business assets}.  We also do not work with companies or individuals in the "idea" or "concept" stage.



Investments can take a variety of forms ranging from private equity to senior notes, subordinated notes and stock purchase warrants to convertible debentures to convertible preferred stock.

Expansion Financing

Rapidly growing companies usually require outside capital to fund their growth.   Adequate bank financing is often unavailable, and a public offering may be premature.  We help our clients access capital to support growth.  Additionally, we help improve a growing company's access to financing from banks or other institutions.

Management Buyouts

Managers who have the opportunity to acquire businesses often need outside capital and financial expertise to complete such transactions. Capital Markets Group, Inc. may represent either the management group or the selling company in such transactions. We specialize in management buyouts and place a high priority on these types of projects {see Management Buyouts}.


Recapitalizations & Generational Transitions

Owners of sizable privately owned companies often need liquidity but do not desire to sell their companies. Capital Markets Group, Inc. organizes financing for recapitalizations to provide liquidity and address the complex estate and tax problems facing the owners of such businesses. Companies suitable for recapitalization should have sales of $7 million to $75+ million and a history of profitability {see Corporate Finance}.


Partners with Management

In addition to providing financing solutions, Capital Markets Group, Inc. seeks to form lasting partnerships with management to jointly maximize shareholder value. This is typically accomplished by providing financial advisory services on diverse matters of strategic importance {see How We Work}.


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