Your company's deal will never be shown "To Whom It May Concern". Extensive operating, financial, and mergers & acquisitions experience gives us access to a worldwide network of contacts in professional and financial institutions that are always useful to the companies with whom we work.  Capital Markets Group, Inc.'s association with these financing and funding sources is based on a one-to-one relationship at an individual and personal level. The relationships we have with our clients is also very personal as they develop based on work tailored specifically to an individual client's unique requirements. These in-depth relationships insure that our client's need for confidentiality, specific solutions, and a timely closing is taken personally by Capital Markets Group, Inc. and is also respected by those financing sources with whom we work.



We have long standing professional experience and an excellent reputation for integrity, thoroughness and the ability to deliver beyond what we promise among those with whom we deal.


Our 30+ years of experience, worldwide access to institutional and strategic investors and lenders, and our adaptation of advances in analytical and communication technology {which greatly shortens the time period between analysis and funding}  provides our clients with the highest degree of confidence. Confidence that they have chosen the best alternative and negotiated the best terms available to achieve both their personal as well as their company's specific near-term and long-term objectives. 




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 Getting Acquainted & Buyers' / Investors' Analysis

You and Capital Markets Group, Inc. {CMG} will have a minimum of three {3} introductory/exploratory conversations

to get an overall understanding of your personal & corporate objectives.

Each party makes a determination of any on-going interest {either by you or CMG}.

If there is a mutual interest in continuing discussions, CMG will send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement {NDA} which binds CMG to complete confidentiality in all previous as well as future discussions

CMG works on a “Financial Analysis & Evaluation” of your company’s financial statements.  The analysis includes: Preliminary Valuation, Key Financial Ratios, Historical Performance, Seasonality, Cyclicality, Preliminary Forecast.

CMG presents the results of the above analysis.

After receiving the NDA, you send {via email} your company’s financial statements to CMG.  We need the past 3 Years-Ending plus past 12-Months Monthly Income Statements and Balance Sheets.

Based on the above analysis and presentation, you decide whether-or-not to move forward with CMG.

If either party decides to not move forward, the process terminates and all materials you submitted to CMG are returned to you or destroyed by CMG. You have no financial, or other obligation to CMG and the results of our analysis are yours to keep.

Based on the above analysis, Capital Markets Group decides whether-or-not to move forward with you.

Both parties resolve any questions concerning the “Proposal of Work and Fees”

Both parties sign the finalized “Proposal of Work and Fees” and CMG begins its work as follows:

If both parties are comfortable with each other and decide to continue working together, CMG submits a “Proposal of Work and Fees”.  That Proposal {including our work and fees} is individually tailored to your specific project.

 Proposal of Work & Fees

 PHASE 1: Financial Advisory Services

CMG develops and assembles basic information related to your company, including: Organization, Products/Services, Market, Marketing & Sales, Pricing, Operations, Strategic Plan, Management, Financial Forecasts, etc.

CMG prepares a complete Background Information Document {in its proprietary format} which clearly explains the company in detail yet in a format which invites and helps potential buyers/investors to read it and readily make preliminary decisions to proceed further.

CMG develops Alternative and Equivalent deal structures that meet your objectives and which also clearly outline potential deal structures for specific buyers and their specific requirements. {We do not send out a single-boiler-plate “Offering Memorandum”.}

CMG prepares the “Final Offering Document” and presents it to you in the same manner we present it to targeted buyers/investors.


At this time, CMG and you make the decision to proceed or not proceed to the next phase.  If either party decides not to proceed further, there is no further obligation on either party.  However, you get to keep the entire CMG work product, including the “Final Offering Document”.

You and CMG review the “Offering Document “ {Company Information, Financial History & Forecasts, Alternative Deal Structures, Valuation Analysis, etc.} and concur on the Final Draft.

If both parties decide to proceed to the next phase, CMG begins its “Private Investment Banking” services.

 PHASE 2: Private Investment Banking Services

CMG identifies specific, qualified, and targeted buyers which CMG obtains from its day-to-day activity in the marketplace as well as from its proprietary databank built up with the names and personal information of over 1,412 worldwide buyers / investors / lenders / funds / corporations / etc. we have personally dealt with for over 40 years.

CMG develops an outline of who we are going to contact and when we will contact them to discuss your deal and CMG gives a personal presentation of the “Offering Document” {we do not do mass mailings, “To Whom It May Concern”, nor do we send out boilerplate “Offering Memoranda”}.

CMG obtains a C0onfidentiality Agreement with potential buyers/investors..

CMG conducts preliminary negotiations with interested buyers/investors 

CMG determines those Buyers/Investors that have a continuing interest in the deal and who are capable of meeting your Price and Terms.

CMG personally contacts and personally presents the “Offering Document” to those buyers/investors.

CMG obtains a “Letter-of-Intent” from qualified buyers that is structured on the “Offering Document” price, terms and expectations of our client in what it takes to close the deal.  In this manner we are virtually assuring a satisfactory deal will close as opposed to simply having someone come in, “kick-the-tires” and waste your time, money and expectations.

CMG is actively involved in the course of the Buyer’s Due Diligence Period, including on-going discussions and negotiations.

CMG continues discussions with all qualified buyers./Investors

CMG works with your tax advisor and attorney in drawing up or reviewing the Definitive Purchase Agreement to insure that what was negotiated and agreed to is incorporated into the final documents.

CMG reviews the final closing documents.

CMG prepares Points of Agreement document for incorporation into the Definitive Purchase Agreement/Investment Agreement.

 Close the Deal

Because this is oftentimes a life-changing event for our clients, CMG remains available, at no charge, for 6 months after the deal closes, for whatever advice or counsel you may desire {personal or professional}.

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