Your company's deal will never be shown "To Whom It May Concern". Extensive operating, financial, and mergers & acquisitions experience gives us access to a worldwide network of contacts in professional and financial institutions that are always useful to the companies with whom we work.  Capital Markets Group, Inc.'s association with these financing and funding sources is based on a one-to-one relationship at an individual and personal level. The relationships we have with our clients is also very personal as they develop based on work tailored specifically to an individual client's unique requirements. These in-depth relationships insure that our client's need for confidentiality, specific solutions, and a timely closing is taken personally by Capital Markets Group, Inc. and is also respected by those financing sources with whom we work.



We have long standing professional experience and an excellent reputation for integrity, thoroughness and the ability to deliver beyond what we promise among those with whom we deal.


Our 30+ years of experience, worldwide access to institutional and strategic investors and lenders, and our adaptation of advances in analytical and communication technology {which greatly shortens the time period between analysis and funding}  provides our clients with the highest degree of confidence. Confidence that they have chosen the best alternative and negotiated the best terms available to achieve both their personal as well as their company's specific near-term and long-term objectives. 




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Capital Markets Group, Inc.'s experience is extensive. Over 40 years of experience means we've developed personal access to literally hundreds of financing and acquisition sources. These direct relationships provide our clients multiple, pre-screened, well-qualified, and targeted financing/acquisition potential candidates to pick from without having to go “door-to-door” or simply responding to a single inquiry at a time.

While providing the talent, connections, and resources of a large firm, CMG's size allows for the personal touch and direct access that can only be provided by a boutique firm which specializes in privately-held/family-owned businesses.


Many large firms pass off their newly signed clients to less experienced junior personnel while the experienced principals move on.  We do not.  The person you meet  with before deciding to retain Capital Markets Group is the same experienced senior principal who will manage your account from start to closing.  


Some of Our Features

98% Success Record

We are selective in accepting an assignment and only take on those assignments where our preliminary analysis shows success is clear to us at the outset.

Time and Attention

Senior project managers work one deal at a time providing you 100% access and focus.

Free Preliminary Analysis

30-day financial and ops review ending in a written "preliminary analysis report".

Global Resources

35+ years of experience and resoures in dealing with some of the worlds largest companies.



Senior Managing Director


Managing Director

Managing Director

Managing Director

Capital Markets Group Director Bio

Since 1979, Family Business Owners have successfully trusted us to assist and advise them in the sale, recapitalization and generational transition of their privately-held companies

Capital Markets Group, Inc.'s 40 years of experience gives our clients the ability to foresee opportunities and resolve problems to reach the best results.

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