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Protect the Future Rewards

of Your Past Efforts

Sooner or Later The Time Will Come When You Might Have to Decide To . . . .

  • Convert all or part of your equity in your company into cash while continuing to hold onto operating control.
  • Cash in all of your equity and pursue other interests
  • Cash in part of your equity and pursue other interests
  • Grow your company with a recapitalization while also converting some of your equity into cash
  • Execute a Management Buyout.
  • Develop an Estate Plan

When That Time Arrives, or Preferably Before, Here's Why You Should Contact Us:

  • For over 40+ years, CMG {Capital Markets Group, Inc.} has had excellent success (98%) in working with family-owned / privately-held companies as well as some of the world's largest companies.
  • We've been doing this all day/everyday since 1979.  We're prepared for any situation you might have.
  • Our discussions are always confidential and are with an experienced {each with 25+ years}, successful, professional decision-maker {not a Business Development Officer}.
  • Our advice is completely candid, thorough and well thought out . . .  for your benefit as well as ours.
  • We are selective in our choice of clients.  That's why we have a 40+ year success record of over 98%.