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How We Work {Complete Transparency}

Valuable & Informative Buyers' / Investors' Analysis and Report {no obligation}


  • The first step is to request a Free In-Depth Consultation.
  • In order to determine a project's chance for success, CMG completes an in-depth no-obligation analysis {up to 30 days} reviewing your company's financial statements and operations.
  • At this point, we provide you with a written "Preliminary Analysis Report" that offers an objective and multi-faceted  profile of your company as it would be initially viewed by investors, lenders and buyers in today's marketplace.
  • From here, both of us will individually decide if we should proceed further.
  • Capital Markets Group takes on projects in which CMG is confident of complete success.


Buyers' - Investors' Analysis Report

Senior Representation

The person you meet  with before deciding to retain Capital Markets Group is the same experienced senior principal who will manage your account from start to closing.

One Project at a Time


The senior principal responsible for your account manages your account, and only your account,  full-time.

Excellent Success Record

Because we take only those assignments where, based on CMG no-obligation Pre-Sale Analysys, success is clear Capital Markets Group is able to support an excellent success record over its 40+years in business in selling or re-capitalizing our clients' companies.

Integrity and Confidentiality


Over the years, Capital Markets Group has continually demonstrated its commitment to doing the right thing for those who place their trust in our company and our people.


We remain true to a governing philosophy that puts mutuality and fairness first. 


We guarantee that we will always maintain you and your company’s best interests and complete confidentiality.